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Veronica McDermott


Veronica McDermott
" I felt part of something, part of a community of people seeking their own personal truth, helping and supporting each other."


If you are even half thinking of studying theology at the Priory Institute, I would encourage you to jump in – take a ‘leap of faith’.  The fact that you are thinking about it shows that you have an interest in the deeper questions of life such as where do we come from, why are we here and what happens when we die?

This is my second year studying theology in the Priory institute.  When I started I had no prior knowledge of studying scriptures or theology - I was a completely clean slate!  All I had was the gift of faith which I was so lucky to receive from my parents.  This however, is not a prerequisite either!

People study theology for many different reasons.  My primary motivation was to try and better understand my faith and to do some soul searching about why I am here and what is this life all about.  I attended one of the Priory Institute Open Days that year.  As soon as I walked through the doors I was struck by the beautiful, welcoming atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst the students who seemed to be of all ages and from all walks of life and corners of the country.  That day, I promised myself to give this a try.

I was anxious about starting the course as I work full time and have a busy home life too with three young adults and two Jack Russell terriers!  How on earth would I find time to study as well?  That’s the beauty of distance learning – I can study when it suits me.  You can never predict what will happen in life so if work or home life take over one week then I can try and make up for that the following week.

Don’t start this course thinking it will be easy – it definitely is not!  However, everyone at the Priory Institute, both students and staff, are so supportive.  All the tutors I have met so far are very passionate about their subject areas and they really bring the course content to life.  The course materials also are an excellent resource.

My experience so far has been really positive and rewarding.  Already, I have grown to have a much deeper understanding of my faith and I believe that my life is enriched by this.  I cannot recommend the Priory Institute highly enough.



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Veronica McDermott

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