Before You Apply

Before You Apply

Choose the Course You Want to Study

Our courses section contains details of all the courses you can study. The full theology course consists of 17 modules offered over four stages. Each stage comprises four modules spread over two 15 week semesters, two modules per semester. Alternatively, students may study one module per semester; but it will take twice as long to complete the full course.

Students can choose to study our modules without academic credit (no formal examinations or assignments).

Study Requirements

- Have regular access to the Internet.

- Be sure that you can allocate sufficient study time to your course.

- Attend in person each semester's launch day at the Priory Institute in Tallaght Village, Dublin. See semester calendar.

- Submit assignments as well as sit examinations if you choose to study for academic credit.

You may also choose to attend tutorial and study days in person and to take part in online discussions.

Course Application Deadlines

 You can register for the 2017 autumn semester from 3rd April to 29th September 2017. You can begin your studies with us in either spring or autumn. 

 We recommend that you apply as soon as possible before the start of your chosen semester. Returning students must make a new application for every subsequent semester studied with us.

2017 application deadlines:

Tuesday 28th February 2017  to register for the spring semester. 

Tuesday 26th September 2017 to register for the autumn semester.

Autumn Registration

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Before You Apply

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